“Frozen Stories” in Sundance Film Festival Lineup

Opowieści z chłodni (Frozen Stories), a short feature film by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, will screen in competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival among other International Narrative Short Films.

Short Films at Sundance

The Short Film Program at Sundance will feature a total of 64 short films, selected this year from among a record 7,500 submitted films. Jaroszuk’s Frozen Stories will compete in the International Narrative Short Films section; its lineup consists of 27 short films from 16 countries around the world.

Frozen Stories

Grzegorz Jaroszuk’s film is a tongue-in-cheek story about a young man and woman who work at the same supermarket. When they’re dubbed the company’s worst employees, they need to find a new purpose and start a better, more valuable life in just two days. That’s when they get some unexpected help. From a popular game show…


Frozen Stories has received a number of film awards, including an award of the American Film Institute, which made the film eligible for the Academy Awards. Frozen Stories has also been nominated for a European Film Award.


Frozen Stories was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


The next edition of the Sundance Film Festival will run from January 19 through January 29, 2012.


Festival website: www.sundance.org/festival.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun