Dzikie róże (Wild Roses), a film directed by Anna Jadowska and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, received the prestigious Stockholm Impact Award.

Award of the Stockholm IFF to Encourage Work on Next Feature Project

The Stockholm Impact Award has been awarded annually since 2015 by the Stockholm International Film Festival and the City of Stockholm to visionaries whose works reflect the contemporary world. The Award consists of a piece designed by world-renowned artist Ai Weiwei and a cash prize of 1,000,000 Swedish kronor (over 400,000 PLN) to encourage the production of the director’s next feature.

“For the sensitive depiction of a mother who refuses to abandon her true self, for the portrait of a revolting child that questions an utterly conservative society, for the visually exquisite style that contrasts with a world plunged in prejudice and moral coercion, the Stockholm Impact Award goes to Anna Jadowska for Wild Roses, a metaphor for human resilience,” reads the Jury statement.

The 2017 Stockholm Impact Award was awarded by jury members Suzanne Osten, Ester Martin Bergsmark and Alexandru Solomon. Other nominees for this year’s Stockholm Impact Award included Ebrahim Irajzad for Searing summer, Grayson Moore and Aidan Shipley for Cardinals, Sarmad Masud for My Pure Land, and Ying-Ting Tseng for The Last Verse.

The Stockholm Impact Award marks the latest international accolade for Anna Jadowska’s feature. Most recently, Dzikie róże (Wild Roses) received four awards at the 27th Cottbus IFF: The Grand Prize for Best Film, the Award for Outstanding Actress for Marta Nieradkiewicz, the FIPRESCI Prize and the Ecumenical Jury Prize.

Theatrical Release in Poland on December 29

Dzikie róże (Wild Roses) will be released theatrically in Poland on December 29, 2017. Distribution is handled by Alter Ego Pictures.

Ewa (Marta Nieradkiewicz) struggles with loneliness. Her life consists of running the house and raising two young children, while waiting for the return of her husband (Michał Żurawski) who is currently working in Norway and rarely visits home. Wanting to feel loved and desired, the young woman gets involved in an affair with a teenager. But there is a high price to pay for her moment of weakness. The situation becomes complicated when her husband returns home. Suspicion, gossip and accusations grow as another tragedy unfolds; Ewa’s two-year-old son disappears in the field of wild roses where Ewa works. Will the boy be found? Will the family survive? And finally, will Ewa manage to juggle the role of a woman fighting for her marriage with the role of a mother who decided to abandon her own child?

The 28th Stockholm International Film Festival runs from November 8 through November 19, 2017.


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Translated by Karolina Kołtun