Six Degrees

Director: Bartosz Dombrowski

directed by Bartosz Dombrowski director of photography Wojtek Zieliński sound design by Błażej Kafarski production manager Kaja Domeracka edited by Iza Pająk producers Tomasz Tokarski, Anna Wydra produced by Otter Films, East Pictures

colour, 81′

Poland 2013

Four filmmakers set off on a journey to create a unique documentary film, which will be shared with people. They will enter the unknown to follow a chain of people who are not known before the shooting.

The film is inspired by the Stanley Milgram’s theory. According to it every single person in the world can be reached through approximately 6 personal connections. The team will randomly draw a person one and a person seven and let the fate to take them all around the world to find a chain of connections between those people. There are no limits. No destination is impossible to reach. Every protagonist will tell his own personal story to picture the world in its whole variety. It is going to be a “documentary road movie” through different landscapes, viewpoints, customs and human beings. Are they really so different?


Bartosz Dombrowski
Born in 1976 in Greece. Grew up in Germany. Studied film directing at The Katowice Film School (Silesia University). Director of documentary films, TV commercials and series.