Horizontal 8

Director: Grzegorz Lipiec

written & directed by Grzegorz Lipiec directors of photography Krzysztof Gawałkiewicz, Piotr Materna music by Maja Pietraszewska-Koper production design by Łukasz Mikucki costume design by Ewa Gołębiowska make-up by Maria Kaczmarowska sound by Maciej Niedzielski edited by Grzegorz Lipiec production manager Robert Ciećka

cast Tomasz Burka, Ewa Gołębiowska, Marek Probosz, Ewa Pająk, Jerzy Kaczmarowski, Jarosław Żuk, Jarosław Sokołowski, Janusz Jarosz, Zbigniew Starosta, Katos

produced by Sky Piastowskie, phone +48 502 073 567, e-mail leepa@poczta.onet.pl producers Ryszard Lipiec, Grzegorz Lipiec distribution & world sales open

Digital Betacam, colour/B&W, Dolby Stereo

A-type, 86′

Poland 2009


Poland in the near future. A remote town. A man wakes up in a hotel room. He is suffering from amnesia. He has a gun and a briefcase full of money. One of the banknotes flies out through the window and begins changing owners, gradually revealing the puzzle of their lives.


Grzegorz Lipiec

Born in 1974. Directed a number of movies produced by the amateur film ensemble Sky Piastowskie. Received awards at various filmfestivals for ‘0,5 l’ (1996) and ‘The Day I Will Die’ (“Dzień, w którym umrę”, 2005). Winner of the Grand Prix at the Koszalin Debut Films Festival “The Young and Cinema” for his ‘And the Life Makes Sense’ (“Że życie ma sens”, 2001). Winner of the Grand Prix of the Independent Film Competition at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for ‘Horizontal 8’.