Absolute Beginner

Release date: 13-04-2007
Director: Piotr Szczepański

written & directed by Piotr Szczepański director of photography Piotr Szczepański music by Cool Kids of Death, Not, L.Stadt, Korzeń, Kuba Wandachowicz, Psychocukier, Mikrowafle, O.S.T.R., 19 Wiosen production design by Paulina Połom costume design by Aneta Flis editing by Piotr Szczepański sound Kuba Lenarczyk production manager Anna Pachnicka cast Marcin Brzozowski (Marcin), Ewa Łukasiewicz (Kasia), Wojciech Mecwaldowski (Radek), Bartosz Picher (Igor), Marcel Wiercichowski (Jan), Matylda Paszczenko (Agata) produced by Anagram Film, Piotrkowska 134/27, 90-062 Łódź, phone +48 42 637 32 55, +48 603 566 255, e-mail annapachnicka@wp.pl, alejagowniarzy@alejagowniarzy.pl, www.alejagowniarzy.pl co-produced by Opus Film co-financing Polish Film Institute producers Anna Pachnicka, Piotr Dzięcioł, Piotr Szczepański distributed by Dystrybutornia, Piotrkowska 134/27, 90-062 Łódź, mobile +48 603 219 093 world sales Anagram Film
35 mm, 1:2,35 (CinemaScope), colour, Dolby Digital Surround EX, 87′
Poland 2007


A weekend night in Łódź. Last hours before departing to Warsaw to find a new job turn for Marcin into a search for his lost mobile phone. During the search he realizes that what he is really looking for is his ex-girlfriend – Kasia.


Piotr Szczepański
Born in 1975. Educated in cinematography yet film directing is his true passion. Graduated from National Film School in Łódź.
For his documentary “Generation C.K.O.D” (2004) he was awarded Grand Prix – Golden Hobby at the 44th Krakow Film Festival. Laureate of Nokia Mobile Movie Competition Grand Prix at the 21st Warsaw Film Festival (2005). “Absolute Beginner”, his feature film debut, was awarded at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia for creative representation of present day.