Asylum 5D

Director: Daniel Zduńczyk

directed by Daniel Zduńczyk written by Daniel Zduńczyk director of photography Daniel Zduńczyk music by Sławomir Ruczkowski production design by Daniel Zduńczyk, Mariusz Firnys, Mariusz Waszczur edited by Daniel Zduńczyk sound by Grzegorz Czachor production manager Grzegorz Soja produced by Virtual Magic, Dwa Światy 8, Bielany Wrocławskie, 55-040 Kobierzyce, phone: +48 71 785 53 81 co-produced by Budgast s.c. ul. Kasztelańska 2 a, 43-410 Kończyce Małe, phone: +48 32 469 23 96 producer Virtual Magic co-producer Budgast s.c. executive producer Virtual Magic distributed by Budgast s.c. world sales Budgast s.c.

TRUE 3D, 14 minutes, colour, animated film
Poland 2010

A virtual tour of an abandoned insane asylum. Over the course of 14 minutes, audiences visit a series of horrific rooms and corridors, with dark surprises lurking behind every corner.

The film was made for cinemas with 5D technology, which apart from stereoscopic images also stimulates the senses of smell and touch.

Daniel Zduńczyk
Producer, director, screenwriter, graphic designer, creator of 3D animation and CGI. Owner of Virtual Magic, a studio that focuses on 3D animation and special effects for film and television.

Filmography (as director):
1997 “Gwiezdne Wojny”; 2002 ‘1 May’; 2004 “Sen Kowalskiego”; 2006 “Kajko i Kokosz”; 2006 “Zapałka”; 2008 “Saloon Gier”; 2010 “Asylum 5D”, 2012 “Złote Krople”


Translated by Karolina Kołtun