The Very Short Strike

Director: Grzegorz Królikiewicz

written & directed by Grzegorz Królikiewicz cameramen Stanisław Ścieszko, Rafał Wróblewski, Roman Dębski production & costume design by Beata Tumkiewicz editing by Marcin Erol sound Bogumiła Kłopotowska production manager Bogna Janiec produced by Film Studio N, Lajkonika 5, 94-119 Łódź, phone/fax +48 42 686 13 94, e-mail; producer Grzegorz Królikiewicz distribution open world sales open
Betacam SP, colour, Dolby Stereo Digital, 52′
Poland 2007


Fictionalized documentary. On December 13th 1981 communist authorities of Poland introduced a martial law. Next day students of the Łódź University started their sit-down strike as a form of protest. The strike was brutally pacified by militia. In the 25th anniversary of the strike its participants and today students reconstruct those tragic events in a psychodrama.


Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Born in 1939. Film director, screenplay writer, educator, producer. Author of numerous documentaries and Television Theatre plays. Lecturer at the Łódź Film School and at several universities. Essayist and film theoretician. Laureate of many film awards.

Feature filmography (selected)
1972: Through and Through (Na wylot); 1974: Permanent Objections (Wieczne pretensje); 1977: The Dancing Hawk (Tańczący jastrząb); 1981: The Supreme Value of Free Conscience (Klejnot wolnego sumienia); 1983: Fort 13 (Fort 13); 1984: Killing Auntie (Zabicie ciotki); 1993: Case Pekosiński (Przypadek Pekosińskiego); 1995: Trees (Drzewa); 2007: The Very Short Strike (Bardzo krótki strajk)