Basia from Podlachie

Director: Aleksander Dembski

directed by Aleksander Dembski written by Aleksander Dembski, Daniel Odija, Marcin Wołkowicz director of photography Adam Nocoń gaffer Mariusz Pieńkos production design by Anna Kosesk costume design by Elżbieta Ciszewska sound by Jarosław Bajdowski make-up by Olga Dackiewicz artistic supervision Filip Bajon production manager Adam Papliński executive producer Bożena Krakówka co-producer Bożena Krakówka produced by Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich, Studio “Młodzi i Film” im. Andrzeja Munka cast Michael Austrup, Arkadiusz Cyran, Joanna Turkowska, Anna Modrzejewska (girl at the casting), Agnieszka Makowska (girl at the casting)
colour, 30′
Poland 2011


A bitter comedy with a bit of a love story. Dutchman Evert is fascinated by the romantic image of Polish women created by the Internet. Therefore, he decides to find a wife in Poland. One way to find the right candidate is… having a casting. Dembski shows in a satirical way differences in perceiving the contemporary world by people from Eastern and Western Europe. The absurdity of everyday life, which we don’t want to see, with every moment shows more and more in this story about the meeting of different sensibilities.