The Beksińskis. A Sound and Picture Album

Release date: 10-11-2017
Director: Marcin Borchardt
written & directed by Marcin Borchardt director of photography the film consists entirely of archival footage sound design by Radosław Ochnio music by Marcin Dymiter edited by Dominik Jagodziński line producer Aneta Dikti

cast Zdzislaw, Zofia and Tomasz Beksiński

producer Darek Dikti produced by Darek Dikti Biuro Pomysłów, ul. Mjr. H. Sucharskiego 15 D/6, 81-157 Gdynia, Poland, tel. +48 503 096 352, co-produced by Polish Television Channel 2 co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, Gdynia Film Fund/Gdynia Culture Centre distribution in Poland Darek Dikti Biuro Pomysłów

colour, B&W, 80′

Poland 2017


The story of the eminent Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński and his complicated relationship with his son Tom – a popular music journalist suffering from depression who has made numerous suicide attempts. A shocking family drama documentary, precisely reconstructed on the basis of the Beksiński family’s own private archive of audio, film and photographic material never previously published. The script is based on the bestselling biography by Magdalena Grzebałkowska entitled “The Beksińskis: A Double Portrait”.