Director: Annika Glac

written & directed by Annika Glac director of photography Marcus Struzina production design by Marek Burgemajster costume design by Małgorzata Ajzelt sound by Piotr Bielawski cast Tod Macdonald (Luke), Kate Kendall (Katharine), Katie Jean Harding (Amelia), Paweł Smagała (Paweł), Darryl Pellizzer (Jan), Katarzyna Mazurek (Jadwiga) produced by Glass Kingdom (Australia); e-mail: co-produced by Da Vinci, ul. Bernardyńska 22/12, 02-904 Warsaw, tel./fax +48 22 858 90 87, e-mail: co-financing Polish Film Institute producers Annika Glac, Marcus Struzina co-producers Małgorzata Corvalan distributed by Arclight Films, world sales Arclight Films,
HD/35 mm, kolor, Dolby Digital, ok. 100′
Australia – Poland 2008

A love story in which events take place both in 15th century Poland and contemporary Australia. Shortly befor getting married to Katherine, Luke undergoes a hypnosis session in order to learn the cause of his tormenting fears. His subconscious leds him into strange and disturbing world dating back centuries, where he sees fires nad witches…

Annika Glac
Born in Poland. As a child emigrated to Australia. Graduated from directing at the Rusden College. Starred in a number of shorts films. “Belladonna” is he feature film debut.