Release date: 20-10-2017
Director: Łukasz Borowski

written and directed by Łukasz Borowski director of photography Michał Stajniak music by Maciej Cieślak edited by Marcin Matanik sound by Marcin Barry Popławski line producer Iga Wójcik artistic supervision Jacek Bławut producer Zuzanna Król produced by Wajda Studio co-produced by Polish Television, EC1 Łódź – City of Culture, Kadr Film Studio co-financed by The Polish Film Institute distribution in Poland Kino Świat

colour, 72′

Poland 2017


The participants of the run will have to cover 240 kilometres. For two days, they will not sleep or have any rest stops, and they will even have to eat on the run. Those who reach the finish line will feel great euphoria. And then they very quickly start to think about their next extreme race. The documentary brings the viewers closer to the state of extreme physical effort and the moments of mental crisis which the runners have to overcome.