Director: Denijal Hasanović
written and directed by Denijal Hasanovic director of photography Bogumił Godfrejów production design by Sanda Popovac (BiH) costume design by Sanja Dzeba (BiH) make-up by Snjezana Gorup (Croatia) sound by Predrag Doder (BiH), Bartosz Putkiewicz edited by Rafał Listopad

cast Andrea Otalvaro Acevedo (Colombia), Andrzej Chyra (Poland), Lana Barić (Croatia), Mirjana Karanović (Serbia)

producers Małgorzata Jurczak, Krzysztof Grędziński co-producers Amra Baksić, Camo (BiH), Irena Markovic (Croatia) produced by Skorpion Arte, Wspólna 75, 00-687 Warsaw, Poland Chełmska 19/21, 00-724 Warsaw, Poland co-produced by SCCA/PRO.BA (BiH), Focus Media (Croatia), Telewizja Polska, Studio Produkcyjne ORKA, Alvernia Studios executive producers Adis Adjapo (BiH), Małgorzata Jurczak (Poland) co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, Eurimages production managers Amira Lekic (BiH), Anna Zajączkowska (Poland) distribution in Poland and world sales Skorpion Arte

colour, 99′
Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia 2016


Catalina (27) is Colombian. She recently graduated from law school in Paris and travels to Sarajevo to write a report about the activities of the local office of the war crimes tribunal. The report was meant to help her secure a job with her university in France, thus allowing her to remain in the country legally. Catalina quickly learns that her plan has failed: she has been refused entry into the office archives. But she meets Nada (36) who works there as a translator. The two quickly become friends.