Release date: 02-10-2015
Director: Bartosz Prokopowicz
directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz written by Katarzyna Sarnowska director of photography Jeremi Prokopowicz production design by Katarzyna Filimoniuk costume design by Sławomir Blaszewski music by Natalia Grosiak, Dawid Korbaczyński, Mikromusic (zespół) sound by Maria Chilarecka edited by Piotr Kmiecik make-up by Liliana Gałązka production manager Beata Rzeźniczek producers Katarzyna Sarnowska, Klaudia Śmieja, Bartosz Prokopowicz, Stanisław Dziedzic produced by Filmokracja co-produced by Vue Movie Distribution, HBO Central Europe, Aeroplan, DI Factory, Film Ilumination co-financed by Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej distributed by Vue Movie Distribution
cast Agnieszka Żulewska (Lena), Tomasz Schuchardt (Benedykt), Eryk Lubos, Danuta Stenka, Anna Cieślak, Mirosław Baka, Tomasz Sapryk, Anita Jancia-Prokopowicz, Robert Wabich
colour, 104′
Poland 2015

Chemo is inspired by the true story of Magdalena Prokopowicz, founder of the Rak’n’Roll foundation. 30-year-old Benek is suffering from an existential crisis that mostly manifests itself in suicidal thoughts. One day, he meets Lena – a beautiful and very talkative young woman. He is mesmerised from the start; his fascination grows further when he realizes that Lena not only accepts his suicidal thoughts, but appears to share them. They set off on a wild journey, during which Benek learns that there is someone else in Lena’s life. She has stage 3 cancer, which she has no intention of treating. Benek’s admiration is mixed with fear; he promises to stay with Lena until the very end.