The Dead and the Living

Release date: 06-09-2013
Director: Barbara Albert

written & directed by Barbara Albert director of photography Bogumił Godfrejów PSC production design by Enid Löser costume design by Weronika Albert sound by Dietmar Zuson, Matz Müller music by Lorenz Dangel edited by Monika Willi produced by Coop99 Filmproduktion, Alex Stern Sp. z o.o., Komplizen Film producers Barbara Albert, Maren Ade, Janine Jackowski, Bruno Wagner, Jonas Dornbach, Alex Stern co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Filmfonds Wien, Filmstandort Austria (FISA), Österreichisches Filminstitut, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg distributed by Vivarto world sales Films Distribution, Paris

cast Anna Fischer, Daniela Sea, August Zirner, Itay Tiran, Emily Cox, Winfried Glatzeder, Almut Zilcher

colour, 100′
Austria, Poland, Germany 2012


25-year-old Sita studies in Berlin. She is trying to fall in love but without much luck. One evening she ends up in a photo studio of Jocquin, an Israeli artist. They spend the night together, and later Sita realizes she cannot stop thinking about him. Then her 95-year-old grandfather suffers a heart attack. She goes to visit him in Vienna. During her stay, she comes across an old photography of her grandfather in a Nazi uniform. She learns the truth about his past, but will she have time to talk to him about it? Will Sita be able to forget? And is forgiveness even an option?