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Director: Michael Glawogger

directed by Michael Glawogger written by Michael Ostrowski, Michael Glawogger director of photography Wolfgang Thaler music by various production design by Don Martin Supersets, Renate Martin, Andreas Donhauser costume design by Martina List editing by Monika Willi, Christoph Brunner sound by Paul Oberle production managers Janusz B. Czech, Sabine Schenk cast Michael Ostrowski (Max Durst), Raimund Wallisch, Georg Friedrich, Detlev Buck, Hilde Dalik, Pia Herzegger, Łukasz Simlat, Iwona Dróżdż, Victor Varnado, Jeremy Strong produced by Lotus Film, Johnstrasse 83, 1150 Vienna (Austria), phone/fax +43 1 786 33 87, e-mail co-produced by Boje Buck, Iris Productions, Ozumi Films (Poland) executive producer Peter Wirthensohn co-financing Polish Film Institute; Österreichisches Filminstitut; Orf (Film/Fernseh-Abkommen); Filmfonds Wien; Filmförderungsanstalt; Fonspa; Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg; Deutscher Filmförderfonds; Cinestyria producer Erich Lackner (Lotus-Film) co-producers Marianna Rowińska (Ozumi Films), Claus Boje (Boje Buck), Nicolas Steil (Iris Productions) world sales The Match Factory, Balthasarstr. 79-81, 50670 Kolonia (Germany), phone +49 221 539 709, e-mail
35 mm, colour, Dolby SR
Austria – Poland – Germany – Luxembourg 2009


Hans and Max are working hard in the fast-food industry. Schorsch, a small-time crook, is only happy watching motor racing – which Mao would also do, if she didn’t have to babysit her friend’s daughter. Harry would like to have some fun too. But Wojtyła’s bag foils everyone’s plans. Travelling through the Polish night, noticing the dogs, the pigs and the… swordfish, they are surprised when the bus conductor shouts “Next stop: Drogomysel!”


Michael Glawogger
Born in 1959 in Austria. Director, writer, cinematographer. Graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and Vienna Film Academy. Worked in Vienna, Bangkok and Znojmo. His documentary film “Working Man Death” received numerous awards and was nominated for an European Film Award, in the category Best European Documentary. His film “Slumming” was nominated for the Golden Bear Award at Berlinale 2006.