Cheluskin 2

Director: Michał Bulik

written by Michał Bulik directed by Jarosław Grzędowicz, Josh Campbell director of photography Maciej Majchrzak music by TBA production design by & costume design by Michaił Aleksiejew editing by Marcin Konarzewski sound by Mariusz Bielecki production manager Janusz B. Czech cast Piotr Adamczyk (Adam Nowak), Romuald Makarenko, Aleksandr Glinski, Jarosław Woroncow, Anatolij Kandyubow Andreij Niekrasow, Aleksiej Zarubin produced by Ozumi Films, Mokotowska 46a, apt. 28, 00-543 Warsaw (Poland), phone +48 22 628 80, fax. +48 22 628 56 27, co-produced by TVN; Aperto Films executive producer Mikołaj Pokromski producer Marianna Rowińska (Ozumi Films) co-produced by TVN; Aperto Films, Chocimska 35/1, 00-791 Warsaw, e-mail distribution TBC world sales open

Super 16mm / 35mm, colour, Dolby SR, 105′
Poland 2009

Russia. A journalist, Adam Nowak arrives at Cheluskin military base to do a photo assignment for a newspaper. Soon he realises that something is very wrong. One day, when the soldiers are off on patrol, Adam slips away from the base and heads for the village, which is closed to visitors. He doesn’t reach it; instead he enters a hole in a ground and discovers a vast network of underground corridors. He also meets a mysterious, beautiful woman…


Michał Bulik
Author of over 200 adverts. Laureate of a Grand Prix Kodak’s Advert Competition. Nominated for a young directors award in Cannes. Worked all over the world, in Brasil, Republic of South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Czech and Ukraine. Horror film “Cheluskin 2” is his feature film debut.