The Red Captain

Release date: 26-08-2016
Director: Michal Kollár
directed by Michal Kollár written by Michal Kollár, Miro Sifra, Anna Fifkova director of photography Kacper Fertacz production design by Tomas Svoboda music by Petr Ostrouchov executive producer Kamila Kuś producers Viktor Taus, Agnieszka Kurzydło, Michal Kollár produced by Fog’n’Desire, Mental Disorder 4, Sokol Kollar distributed by Kino Świat
cast Maciej Stuhr (Richard Krauz), Marián Geišberg (Eduard Burger), Oldřich Kaiser (captain), Martin Finger (Canis), Mário Kubec (Volak), Ladislav Chudík

colour, 115′

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland 2016

The film is set in 1992, in the tumultuous times immediately following the Velvet Revolution, during the disintegration of Czechoslovakia. A skeleton with signs of torture is discovered at a construction site. Richard Krauz, a young and ambitious homicide investigator, is intrigued by this dreadful discovery and desperately tries to solve the mystery; his only clue is a skull with a nail hammered into it. As he follows the clues and trails, Krauz discovers new pieces of the puzzle that seems to link the Czechoslovakian security police to the new police and some Church officials.