4 Nights with Anna

Release date: 12-09-2008
Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

directed by Jerzy Skolimowski written by Ewa Piaskowska, Jerzy Skolimowski director of photography Adam Sikora music by Michał Lorenc production design by Marek Zawierucha costume design by Joanna Kaczyńska editing concept by Andrzej Kostenko editing by Cezary Grzesiuk sound by Federic De Ravignan, Philippe Lauliac, Gerard Rousseau production manager Andrzej Stempowski, Anne Mattatia cast Kinga Preis (Anna), Artur Steranko (Leon Okrasa), Jerzy Fedorowicz (hospital director), Redbad Klijnstra (judge), Jakub Snochowski (policeman), Małgorzata Buczkowska (Anna’s friend), Marcin Jędrzejewski (prisoner), Anna Lenartowicz (nurse), Urszula Bartos-Gęsikowska (cashier) produced by Skopia Film, Górczewska 15/31, 01-186 Warsaw, e-mail skopiafilm@skopiafilm.com; Alma Films (France) producers Jerzy Skolimowski, Paulo Branco executive producers Ewa Piaskowska, Philippe Rey co-produced by Telewizja Poland – Film Agency co-financing Polish Film Institute; Centre National De La Cinematographie distributed by (in Poland) Gutek Film, Zamenhofa 1, 00-153 Warsaw, phone +48 22 536 92 00, fax +48 22 635 20 01, e-mail gutekfilm@gutekfilm.pl; (in France)Les Films Du Losange, phone +33 1 444 38 710 world sales Elle Driver, 66 Rue Miromesnil, 75008 Paris, phone +33 1 564 36 735, e-mail eva@elledriver.eu
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby Stereo SR, 101′
Poland – France 2008


Leon, a worker at a medical waste incinerating plant, is helplessly in love with Anna, a nursefrom a local hospital. His introvert behaviour and psychopathic physiognomy make him a suspect for the police. His only fault is being in love; love which is weird, unusual, and existing within the sphere of unfulfilled dreams.



  • IFF Tokio 2008 – Jury Special Award
  • 33rd Polish Film Festival, Gdynia 2008 – Honorary Award for production design and sound; Award of the Foreign Organizers

Jerzy Skolimowski
Born in 1938. Director, scriptwriter, actor, painter, poet and dramatist. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Since 1967, directed numerous films in Belgium, England, Italy and in Hollywood. Starred in numerous films in Poland and abroad. Author of theatre dramas; published few volumes of his poems. Laureate of numerous awards at Polish and international film festivals (e.g. in Berlin, Cannes and Venice).


Feature films (selected)
1964: Identyfiaction Marks: None (Rysopis); 1965: Walkover (Walkower); 1966: Barrier (Bariera); 1967/1981: Hands Up! (Ręce do góry); 1967: Le Départ; 1970: The Adventures of Gerard; 1971: Deep End; 1972: King, Queen, Knave; 1978: The Shout; 1982: Moonlighting; 1984: Success is the Best Revenge; 1986: The Lightship; 1989: Torrents of Spring; 1991: 30 Door Key (Ferdydurke); 2008: Four nights with Anna (Cztery noce z Anną); 2010: Essential Killing