The Declaration of Immortality

Director: Marcin Koszałka

written, shot & directed by Marcin Koszałka edited by Anna Wagner produced by Agencja Filmowa TVP SA for the documentary form office of Channel 1 TVP SA, ul. Jana Pawła Woronicza 17, 00-999 Warsaw, phone +48 22 5478891, e-mail: co-financed by Polish Film Institute
35 mm, 29′
Poland 2010


Marcin Koszałka returns in this film to a forgotten genre, namely a mountain film. The protagonist of his story is Piotr ‘Mad’ Korczak, while somewhere in the background there is his rival Andrzej Marcisz. The director focuses on the career decline of a great master, provoking his reflection on his future life, when he will no longer be able to climb mountains. A moving story about inability to come to terms with old age and the desire of immortality.

Marcin Koszałka
Born 1970 in Krakow. He is a graduate of the K. Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. He works as a live-action cameraman and documentary cameraman. He has won a series of festival awards (Nyon, Berlin, Gdynia, Krakow, Wrocław).


Director’s filmography (selected):
1999 Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth To, 2004 It’ll Be OK, 2006 All Day Together, 2006 User Friendly Death, 2007 The Existence, 2009 Sentenced for a Life, 2010 Let’s Run Away from Her, 2010 The Declaration of Immortality