Director: Amin Azam, Rafael Stemplewski

directed and written by Amin Azam, Rafael Stemplewski director of photography Sergei Yurizditsky, Benjamin Bayer, Jacek Krupa music by Norbert Sztuk editing by Zofia Wiktoria Patoka, Wojciech Gumula sound by Norbert Sztuk, Adel Gamehdar costume design by Rudi Scharff produced by Oculus Oceani Sp. z o.o., Rafael Stemplewski, Amin Azam world sales Oculus Oceani, ul. Kurpiowska 8/54, 44-335 Jastrzębie-Zdrój, +48 512 792 033

black & white
Poland-Germany 2013, 113 min.


The Seeker follows the voice of destiny and leaves behind his old life in order to solve the riddle of the myth of the Sweet Fruit. After meeting a strange Forester who hands him a rare Sweet Fruit, The Seeker decides to scrutinize it’s mystery. He sets off to travel to the farthest edge of the world, into the Fire Mountains where the legendary Blacksmith is supposed to live. He wishes to task the Blacksmith with the forging of the sharpest sword in the world which The Seeker needs in order to fulfill his mission.


Amin Azam

was born on 16th May 1986 in Kempen (Germany). Since 2006 he has been developing his film interests, mastering the scripting of screenplays and realizing films.

Rafael Stemplewski

was born on 8th July 1984 in Tarnowskie Góry. He studied law at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Dendrologium is a film debut.