Director: Marta Dzido,Piotr Śliwowski

directed, shot & edited by Piotr Śliwowski, Marta Dzido cinematographic co-operation Michał Wiśniowski, Krzysztof Wykrota colour correction by Krzysztof Wykrota sound editing and reconstruction by Grzegorz Martecki produced by Emotikonfilm,, phone 606 488 729, 691 916 731 co-financed by Polish Film Institute
Poland 2010


Downtown is a film telling about a photo project by Oiko Petersen Downtown Collection. The artist, making use of the style typical of commercial, photographed several people with the Down syndrome. The models photographed, dressed in the clothes designed especially for them by leading Polish fashion designers, become characters from their dreams: Spring Fairy, Hip-hop Star, Car Driver, Opera Diva, Housewife, Painter and others.

Piotr Śliwowski
Journalist, documentalist. Downtown is his film debut. Establisher of film production company Emotikonfilm.

Marta Dzido
Writer, director and producer. Author of two novels: Małż and Ślad po mamie. Graduated from the National Film School in Łódź. Director of photography to the film Podziemne państwo kobiet.