Second Life / Auguri

Director: Miguel Gaudencio

directed by Miguel Gaudêncio director of photography Acácio de Almeida music by Bernardo Sassetti cast Piotr Adamczyk (Nicolas), Lúcia Moniz, Luis Figo, Nicolau Breyner, Liliana Santos (Raquel), Claudia Vieira, Ricardo Pereira, José Wallenstein, Paulo Pires (Pepe), Pepe Rapazote, Sofia Grilo, Ruy De Carvalho (Guido), Pedro Lima, Fátima Lopes (Marta), Rita Andrade, Rute Miranda, Sandra Cóias (Liza), José Carlos Malato, Paulo Rocha, Tiago Rodrigues, Sérgio Grilo, Nelson Duarte, Luis Filipe Borges produced by Utopia Filmes co-produced by Aperto Films, Chocimska 35/1, 00-791 Warsaw, e-mail producer Alexandre Valente co-producers Piotr Adamczyk, Dariusz Miłek
35 mm, colour
Portugal – Poland 2009


Nicolas, a film producer, throws a party to celebrate his 40th birthaday. Under the appearances of simple fun, there are hidden some deep human desires. Suddenly, during the party, the main character dies and becomes one of the narrators of the story, recalling incidents that happened 10 years ago and determined his future life. How do we recognize the moment in which we decide whether our future will be full of disappointment, or fortunate?


Miguel Gaudenico
Born in 1971, Mozambique. Portuguese director. By the age of 30 directed more than 200 music videos. Winner of the SOL TV Music Video Award for the Best Music Video of the year 2000. From 2001 advertising director, created memorable advertisements for i.e. Mercedes, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Maxmen Magazine. In 2004 relocated to Poland and is working for the advertising agencies in Europe and beyond. Worked in Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.