Two Steps Behind

Director: Paulina Majda

written & directed by Paulina Majda artwork by Paulina Majda animated by Paulina Majda, Piotr Milczarek music by Julita Górecka sound by Sławomir Walczyk edited by Janusz Czubak production manager Wojciech Leszczyński produced by Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich, Studio “Młodzi i Film” im. Andrzeja Munka, Telewizja Polska, Se-Ma-For Produkcja Filmowa co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Centre for Culture cast (voices of animated characters) Wojciech Malajkat


Poland 2010


Two Steps Behind is a story of a farmer’s family, and its main theme are partings, returns and goodbyes. It is a musical animated impression, which evidently refers to the issue of emigration, and is an attempt at answering the question “why?”. Why did I decide to leave my home, my street, my place, my country?