Fuck For Forest

Release date: 23-11-2012
Director: Michał Marczak

written by Michał Marczak, Łukasz Grudziński shot & directed by Michał Marczak sound by Radosław Ochnio music by Marcin Masecki edited by Dorota Wardęszkiewicz producers Mikołaj Pokromski, Michał Marczak co-producers Sarita Sharma, Artur Liebhart produced by Pokromski Studio Sp. z.o.o. co-produced by Kinomaton Berlin, Artur Liebhart Against Gravity co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Polish distribution Against Gravity world distribution Dogwoof Ltd.
Poland 2012


Danny, a young Norwegian, leaves his wealthy, conservative family to start a new life in the world’s biggest metropolis of freedom, Berlin. There, he joins a group called Fuck For Forest. FFF raises money for their environmental cause by selling amateur porn on the internet. All the films are home-made. Access to the porn is unlimited, the monthly fee is $15. Danny is thrilled to have free sex in a commune, a noble cause, i.e. saving the world, and freedom from bourgeois values. After raising enough money FFF plan to buy a piece of forest on the Amazon and return it to the indigenous people for free. The documentary’s makers present FFF as a product of our times. They show us the organization’s noble intentions as these clash with its poor idea of reality.