Good Morning, Lenin!

Release date: 21-07-2009
Director: Konrad Szołajski

written and directed by Konrad Szołajski photography Michał Ślusarczyk edited by Jerzy Zawadzki produced by ZK Studio, ul. Hoża 29/31 room 56, 00-521 Warsaw, tel. +48 601 999 746, e-mail: producer Ewa Żukowska co-financing Polish Film Institute; MDR

colour, 50′
Poland 2008/2009

A group of British tourists visits Poland to take a short practical course in communism. Young guides from the “Crazy Guides” travel agency in Kraków, teach them how to milk cows, plough fields, thresh grain, and work with a team of bricklayers. As a reward they get to eat potatoes and drink vodka while the guides recount for them the history of contemporary Poland.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza