This is Hel

Release date: 05-08-2016
Director: Paweł Tarasiewicz, Katarzyna Priwieziencew

written & directed by Paweł Tarasiewicz, Katarzyna Priwieziencew director of photography Clemence Thuringer, Joaquin Del Paso, Paweł Tarasiewicz production design by Maja Zaleska, Juliusz Bogdański costume design by Ewa Gronowska sound by Artur Walaszczyk edited by Wojciech Anuszczyk make-up by Paula Adryańczyk producers Marta Lewandowska, Żaneta Długoborska, Nicolas Fidelin produced by Amondo Films co-produced by Panavision Polska, WFDiF co-financed by The Polish Film Institute distributed by Kino Świat

cast Philip Lenkowsky (Jack), Marcin Kowalczyk (Kail), Małgorzata Krukowska (Mila), Katarzyna Paskuda (Esma)

colour, B&W, 91′
Poland 2015


As the summer season comes to an end, the Hel peninsula gradually becomes deserted. Jack, an underrated American screenwriter, comes to Hel to write his new screenplay in solitude. He is staying at a deserted campsite, where the security guard is Kail, a shy young man with an unusual hobby: testing people with a lie detector. One night Jack sees Kail running his lie detector test on three young people. The next day, the body of the interrogated young woman is found, her tongue cut off. Encouraged by his friend Mili, Kail begins an investigation of his own.