Hercules Ventures Into the World

Director: Lidia Duda

written & directed by Lidia Duda director of photography Piotr Wąsowski edited by Agnieszka Bojanowska sound by Piotr Gburek, Marcin Kustra, Jerzy Tokarski, Sławomir Szatkowski production manager Tomasz Polaski produced by Telewizja Polska – Agencja Filmowa producer Jerzy Jakutowicz
colour, 50′
Poland 2005


Twelve year old Krzyś who support his unemployed parents by collecting scarp metal was a hero of the film Hercules. After they had seen the film, the two young people, Sergiusz and Kasia, were so moved by the boy’s fate that they decided to help him. They took him on holiday, first to Warsaw where they live and then to the seaside. The odds are that it was not a one-off example of help and the boy’s fate will improve considerably in the future.


Lidia Duda
Born in 1958. Graduated in Cultural Studies from University of Wroclaw. Author of reportages and documentary films.