Director: Lidia Duda

directed by Lidia Duda director of photography Robert Jażdżyk edited by Krzysztof Szcześniak sound by Grzegorz Martecki production manager Waldemar Baczuń produced by Telewizja Polska – Agencja Produkcji Audycji Telewizyjnych producer Tomasz Polaski
colour, 25′
Poland 2004


12-year-old Krzyś, dubbed Hercules by his relatives, lives with his parents in the poorest district of Bytom. He knows how difficult it is to make ends meet; he knows the value of money. He tries to make some money and help his parents by carrying pieces of scrap metal to the junk yard and collecting coal lumps at the mounds.


Lidia Duda
Born in 1958. Graduated in Cultural Studies from University of Wroclaw. Author of reportages and documentary films.