Release date: 24-10-2014
Director: Anna Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal

written & directed by Anna and Wilhelm Sasnal director of photography Wilhelm Sasnal production design by Marek Zawierucha costume design by Ewelina Gąsior make-up by Aleksandra Dutkiewicz sound by Igor Kłaczyński edited by Beata Walentowska production manager Agata Szymańska, Paweł Przywara executive producer Agata Szymańska producers Wilhelm Sasnal, Anna Sasnal, Sadie Coles executive production Filmpolis produced by Sadie Coles Gallery distributed by Filmpolis
cast Joanna Drozda (The Woman), Jerzy Gajlikowski (The Old Man), Wojciech Słowik (The Child)
colour, 66′
Poland 2013


An old, feeble man and a young woman with a child. The man has left his factory job, losing all track of time. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat; he’s drying up. The woman and the child are about dependence and inequality; the child is voracious, sucking her dry. The Old Man and the Woman attempt to be together. They are observed not only in their mundane everyday life, but also in the process of atrophy.