King Hugo

Director: Franco De Pena

written and directed by Franco De Pena photography Ernesto Perez Mauri edited by Cezary Kowalczuk scoring Joanna Napieralska post-production manager Katarzyna Pergoł narrators Pedro Montes, Franco De Pena produced by Telewizja Polska (Polish Television) – Bielsat TV; Everest Film Studio, pl. Zwycięstwa 2d/2, 90-312 Łódź, tel./fax +48 42 676 75 41, +48 609 333 407, e-mail:,; Zyga Films producers Agnieszka Romaszewska, Mirosław Dembiński, Franco De Pena co-financing Polish Film Institute

colour, 64′
Poland 2008

The author of the film had never experienced totalitarianism. When he came to Poland in 1988 to begin his film studies, democracy was in the process of being born. He had difficulty understanding people who kept talking about freedom. He was born in a free country and didn’t feel the need to go on about it. But now in Venezuela, the reverse of the process that took place 20 years ago in Poland is under way.. The author goes to Venezuela as a Pole to witness the birth of totalitarianism under Hugo Chávez.


 Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza