Igor and the Cranes' Journey

Director: Evgeny Ruman

directed by Evgeny Ruman written by Dita Guery and Eitan Londner (based on a novel by Acky Shavit ‘Igor and the Cranes’ Journey’) director of photography Adam Sikora production design by Wojciech Żogała costume design by Anette Schroder, Małgorzata Zabłocka make-up by Małgorzata Żywicka, Elinor Gigi music by Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz sound by Rolf Menzei edited by Ernest Aronov production managers Magdalena Napieracz, Marek Czpak producers Magdalena Napieracz, Piotr Mularuk co-producers Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Emely Christians produced by Yeti Films co-produced by United Channel Movies (Israel), Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany) co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Israeli Film Found, Filmföderung Hamburg Production distributed by Big Ant
cast Itay Scherbek (Igor), Tomasz Sobczak (Piotr), Ola Schur-Selektar (Tania), Vitali Voskoboinkov (Misza), Alexander Sanderovich, Gera Sandler, Boaz Conforti, Niv Shtainbert, Avi Golomob, Svetlana Pasternak, Noi Menashe, Ilja Zmiejew (professor Garin), Marek Rolka (driver)

colour, 90′

Israel, Poland, Germany 2011


Teen-aged Igor emigrates with his mother from Russia to Israel. Not knowing how to speak Hebrew, he doesn’t feel comfortable around his peers. Using the Internet, he gets in touch with his father, who lives in Moscow and works as a zoologist for the Moscow University, observing the annual migration of cranes from Siberia to Africa. Both men soon become fascinated with the fate of Karl, a young crane that is about to make its first flight.