Release date: 12-04-2013
Director: Andrzej Jakimowski

written & directed by Andrzej Jakimowski director of photography Adam Bajerski production design by Ewa Jakimowska costume design by Aleksandra Staszko music by Tomasz Gąssowski edited by Cezary Grzesiuk producers Andrzej Jakimowski, Vladimir Kokh, François d’ Artemare co-producers Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Włodzimierz Niderhaus, Beata Ryczkowska accompanying producers Nicolas Jourdier, Pascal Poirot, Katarzyna Kucia produced by Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników, Filmes do Tejo II Multimédia, Film and Music Entertainment Limited, KMBO Production co-produced by Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych (Warszawa), Canal+ Cyfrowy, Studio Filmowe Jakimowski accompanying production Warsaw Film Foundation co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Euroimages, MC/ICA, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée distributed by Kino Świat
cast Edward Hogg (Ian), Alexandra Maria Lara (Eva), Melchior Derouet (Serrano), Francis Frappat (doctor), Joao Lagarto (Humberto), Alix Plancq (Ian’s student), António Rolo (Ian’s student), Cláudia Soares (Ian’s student), Denilson Gomes (Ian’s student), Ellie Wallwork (Ian’s student), Grace Whitford (Ian’s student), Jason Monero (Ian’s student), Jonathan Delalonde (Ian’s student), Joshua Black (Ian’s student), Lucy Hogan (Ian’s student), Maya Al-Kadri (Ian’s student), Sérgio Neves (Ian’s student), Sofia Santos (Ian’s student), Temi Abiloye (Ian’s student), Tiago Oliveira (Ian’s student), Tom Barton (Ian’s student), Figueira Cid (Janitor), Joao Vaz (José), Pablo Malter (Mário), Teresa Madruga (Mário’s sister), Filipe Duarte (outsider), Luís Lucas (surgeon), David Atrakchi (traveller), Luís Esparteiro (policeman), Patrícia Piseiro (Ana), Frankie T. London (blind girl’s father), Sandra Oliveira (cafe’s owner), Stella Dias (cook), Anderson Freitas (disabled patient), Carlos Curto (drunk man), Cristina Alfaiate (elegant woman), Jorge Mergulhao (fruit seller), Joaquim Soares (gardener), Carlos Santos (iritated driver), Maciej Guźniczak (boy in cafe), Marianna Guźniczak (girl in cafe), António Gavinho, António Santos, Katarzyna Kucia (Mário’s girl), Aleksandra Staszko (mother)
colour, 102′
Poland, France, Portugal, Great Britain 2012


Ian, a new spatial orientation instructor, arrives at an ophthalmology clinic in Lisbon. He is to teach a group of blind patients. His unorthodox methods don’t find the approval of the clinic personnel. Ian pays little attention to sensual perception. He believes it is the mind and imagination that allow patients to move about and maintain an active lifestyle.