Inland Empire

Release date: 27-07-2007
Director: David Lynch

written & directed by David Lynch director of photography David Lynch art direction by Christina Ann Wilson, Wojciech Wolniak, Christine Wilson set decoration by Melanie Rein costume design by Karen Baird, Heidi Bivens editing by David Lynch sound designer David Lynch cast Laura Dern (Niki Grace/Susan Blue), Jeremy Irons (Kingsley Stewart), Justin Theroux (Devon Berk/Billy Side), Harry Dean Stanton (Freddie Howard); Peter J. Lucas (Piotrek Król), Karolina Gruszka (Lost Girl), Krzysztof Majchrzak (Phantom), Julia Ormond (Doris Side), Leon Niemczyk (Mark), Laura Harring (Jane/Laura Harring), Nastassja Kinski (Woman in yellow dress), Jan Hencz (Janek) produced by Studio Canal, Fundacja Kultury, Camerimage Festival, Asymmetrical Productions, Absurda, Inland Empire Productions producer David Lynch executive producer Marek Żydowicz distributed by (Poland) Kino Świat International, Belwederska 20/22, 00-762 Warsaw, phone +48 22 840 68 01, fax +48 22 840 68 06, world sales Studio Canal
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby Digital, 180′
USA – Poland – France 2006


Hollywood director is hoping that his new film about love, betrayal and revenge becomes a blockbuster and make him an international movie star. Yet the film is being made with the screenplay that was in production couple years earlier, but the shooting wasn’t finished because starring actors were murdered. A rumor says that the screenplay is cursed…


David Lynch
Director, screenwriter, producer. Laureate of numerous film awards, nominated for Oscar for “Elephant Men”, “Blue Velvet” and “Mulholland Drive”, awarded Golden Palm in Cannes for “Wild at Heart”.

Selected filmography
1977: Eraserhead; 1980: Elephant Man; 1984: Dune; 1986 Blue Velvet; 1990: Wild at Heart; 1990-91: Twin Peaks (tv series); 1992: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me; 1997: Lost Highway; 1999: