Like a Butterfly

Director: Ewa Pięta

written & directed by Ewa Pięta director of photography Alex Pavlović music by Michał Lorenc edited by Mirosław Grubek sound by Bartłomiej Woźniak prodeced by MG Production producer Mirosław Grubek
colour, 28′
Poland 2004


23 year old Przemek has been paralyzed since birth. He also cannot speak. One day a miracle happenes. After 16 years, his enormous effort succeeds, allowing him to open his mind to others. Przemek quickly learns Blissymbolics, which enables to represent virtually any idea or concept by combining and recombining a relatively small set of basic symbols. He is also a member of a scouting team. His poem Love was printed in the press and won awards at handicapped youth festivals.


Ewa Pięta
1968 – 2006. A graduate of Polish Philology at the Warsaw University and of Film Directing at the Radio and Television Department of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Director and screenwriter of documentary films.