I Am With You

Release date: 04-11-2005
Director: Maciej Adamek

written & directed by Maciej Adamek director of photography Artur Żurawski music by Jan Duszyński edited by Sławomir Goździk sound by Mateusz Adamczyk, Mariusz Bielecki production manager Maja Zielony produced by SPI International Polska producers Piotr Reisch, Radosław Styś
colour, 26′
Poland 2004

A film about the love and devotion of people behind-the-scenes: about parents accompanying their ill children in hospitals. The leading characters are three parents and their children: the mother of David, a cancer patient; the father of Patrycja who has had a kidney transplant and the mother of Alicja with a heart condition.


Maciej Adamek
Born in 1968. Director and scriptwriter. Recognized documentary director. Graduated from the Polish philology at University in Gdańsk and directing at the Łódź Film School. Author of seven awarded in Poland and abroad documentaries. Since 2001 Member of an European Film Academy. Laureate of Hartley-Merrill, Polish Edition 1st Prize for The Photograph script.