The Canadian Dresses

Release date: 01-02-2013
Director: Maciej Michalski

written & directed by Maciej Michalski director of photography Zuzanna Pyda, Piotr Matysiak production design by Danuta Wiśniewska, Krzysztof Perzyna costume design by Izabela Liżewska music by Maciej Michalski, Gabriel Kaczmarek producer Jakub Michalski produced by Old Garden distributed by Tongariro
cast Anna Seniuk (Zofia), Ewa Kasprzyk, Piotr Polk, Elżbieta Jarosik, Ewa Kolasińska, Zofia Czerwińska, Karolina Dryzner

colour, B&W, 127′

Poland 2012


The film takes us to a Polish village from 80’s. Zofia’s birthday is a feast of the tastes, colours and people of those times, but most importantly it is also awaiting time for arrival Amelia and Tadeusz – her daughter and husband who had been living in Canada for 10 years. Surprisingly Amelia arrives alone.
When we look back, we get to know the true reason behind her deportation and learn about Canadian reality which is far from the one the family’s dreams. The brutal truth about Amelia’s father and herself is kept away from her to the last moment, and it’s just a beginning of this complicated family story.