Director: Jerome Dassier

written & directed by Jerome Dassier director of photography Bill Butler music by Łukasz Targosz production design by Robert Czesak costume design by Ada Wesołowska editing by Agnieszka Glińska PSM sound by Joanna Napieralska casting by Piotr Bartuszek production manager Janusz B. Czech

cast Christopher Lambert (Devereaux), Agnieszka Grochowska (Ania), Piotr Adamczyk (Attorney), Andriej Czadow (Sasza), Adam Ferency (Father Ani), Andrzej Grabowski (Modrak), Magdalena Mielcarz (Katarzyna), Anna Przybylska (Julia), Lesław Żurek (Paweł)

produced by Ozumi Films, Mokotowska 46a, apt. 28, 00-543 Warsaw, phone +48 22 628 80 30, fax +48 22 628 56 27, e-mail; MSCI Group, Cybulskiego 3, 00-725 Warsaw, phone +48 22 559 98 99, fax +48 22 559 98 88, co-produced by Aperto Films; Documentary and Feature Film Studio (Warsaw) producers Marianna Rowińska (Ozumi Films), Konrad Wojterkowski, Klaudia Kubiak (MSCI Group) co-producers Piotr Adamczyk, Dariusz Miłek (Aperto Films), Włodzimierz Niderhaus (WFDiF) co-financing Polish Film Institute
35 mm, colour, Dolby SR, 100′
Poland 2008

Ania is a limo driver for rich businessmen. She works day and night shifts in turns, seven days a week, in turn with her father. She hates the job and hopes one day she can quit. One winter night Ania drives a French businessman. While waiting for him in an empty parking lot, she notices a young man lying by a litter bin. The man tells her that he is a male prostitute and has just hurt one of his clients…

Jerome Dassier
French screenwriter and film director. Since few years living and working in Poland. Second director of “Agents Secrets” by Frederic Schoendoerffer and “Warsaw Dark” by Christopher Doyle. Author of scripts: “La Mule” by Jean-Pierre Roux, “Wrong Number” by Denis Amar, “Human Bomb” by Patrick Poubel, “L home Du Futur” by Jacques Malaterre.
“Limousine” is his feature film debut.