The Woman of Success

Release date: 08-03-2018
Director: Robert Wichrowski

directed by Robert Wichrowski written by Hanna Węsierska director of photography Mateusz Wichłacz edited by Wojciech Mrówczyński production design by Janusz Mazurczak costume design by Barbara Sikorska-Bouffał make-up by Ewa Kowalewska sound by Marcin Matlak, Tomasz Bargieł line producer Joanna Mokosa-Rykalska

cast Agnieszka Więdłocha, Bartosz Gelner, Mikołaj Roznerski, Julia Wieniawa, Tomasz Karolak, Małgorzata Foremniak, Paulina Gałązka, Ireneusz Czop, Monika Krzywkowska, Tomasz Oświeciński

producer Violetta Furmaniuk-Zaorska produced by Aktiv Media co-produced by Next Film executive producer Violetta Furmaniuk-Zaorska distribution in Poland and world sales Next Film

colour, 110

Poland 2017


A romantic comedy, full of twists and turns, telling the story of the lives of a group of young people in a big city. The main character Amanda (Mańka) is an energetic young woman who has made it in Warsaw. She is a director in a company which sells organic animal feed and her friends work with her. Mańka is in a relationship with Norbert, a down-to-earth guy who also turns out to be a typical player. One day, on her way to work, Mańka comes across a dog, Spot, on the street. This marks the beginning of a turbulent relationship with the dog’s owner, Piotr. Mańka’s younger cousin Lilka then unexpectedly shows up in her life and moves in with her. She is a rebellious teenager, for whom her social life is the most important thing. Her stay will bring her aunt a whole host of problems. The Woman of Success interweaves many funny and touching situations, and shows them in a light, humorous and warm way.