Correspondent Bryan

Director: Eugeniusz Starky

written and directed by Eugeniusz Starky director of photography Julien Bryan producer Kazimierz Kajetan Kowalski produced by Dzielnica Łacińska Movie Sp. z o.o. co-produced by Elita Artistic Enterprise, FalColtd world sales Dzielnica Łacińska Movie Sp. z o.o

footage scanned from B&W 35mm negative


Based on archive footage unavailable through Polish public archives, this film is a compilation of previously unreleased films and photographs documenting life in Warsaw under siege in September 1939. The title figure was a real person: Julien Bryan, an American journalist who came to Warsaw on the last train, arriving at the destroyed train station on September 4, 1939. The footage is narrated using Bryan’s own commentary; no other commentary or interpretation is presented in the film.


Eugeniusz Starky
Polish documentary filmmaker living in the United States. Alliance Francaise alumnus, studied film production at the City University in New York. Longtime organizer of Polish cultural events in the United States and Canada. Produced 20 documentary films, among them Z Archipelagu Gułag do Ameryki (From Gulag to America) and Honor Miasta (Honor of the City).


Filmography (as director):
2009 Korespondent Bryan (Correspondent Bryan)


Translated by Karolina Kołtun