Release date: 16-01-2008
Director: Beata Dzianowicz

written & directed by Beata Dzianowicz director of photography Jacek Petrycki music by Ibrahim editing by Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk sound by Jarosław Roszyk sound editing by Iwo Klimek co-operation Jacek Szafrański, Nooria Habebi production manager Dorota Rozowska produced by Eureka Media, Smulikowskiego 13 apt. 10, 00-384 Warsaw, phone +48228284810, e-mail, co-produced byTelewizja Polska – 2st Programme co-financed by Script Agency, Polish Film Institute, Media Programme producer Krzysztof Kopczyński
colour, 52′

Poland 2007


In 2006 a one month film course called ‘Kabul- my city’ was run at the Art School in Kabul by Jacek Szarański, a young Polish director. Twelve most talented students received cameras and professional assistance. They were given free hand as to what they wanted to show in the film.
‘Kites’ depicts everyday life in contemporary Kabul from the point of view of an Afghan seventeen-year-old. Jacek Petrycki’s camera follows the path taken by the students: starting with their feverish attempts to shoot the rushing wheels of a rickshaw up till the moment when the camera stops being just a toy but becomes a tool…



  • Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Festival 2008 (Estonia) – Film Critics Magazine Award
  • Media Festival in Łódź, “Man in Danger”, 2008 – Łódź Art Centre Award
  • Film Festival WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film, Warsaw 2008 – Audience Award
  • Dialektus European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival, Budapest 2009 – Special Mention and Audience Award
  • International Film Festival “Crossroads of Europe”, Lublin 2009 – Second Award