The Doctors

Director: Tomasz Wolski

written, directed & shot by Tomasz Wolski sound by Bartosz Mleczko edited by Tomasz Wolski production manager Anna Gawlita producers Anna Gawlita, Tomasz Wolski produced by Kijora

colour, 82′
Poland 2011


What happens behind the closed doors of surgical wards, treatment rooms and other spaces where specialist medical consultations take place? The film follows the everyday work of doctors in a surgical ward: the hierarchy between them, the need to take important decisions, the struggle with economic problems. Although they usually use a vernacular incomprehensible to an average person, they also tell jokes or insider’s anecdotes. Their work, despite the knowledge and experience acquired, may still involve surprising moments.


Tomasz Wolski
Born in 1977. Graduated in Journalism from the Jagiellonian University. He finished the Documentary Programme in Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. His documentary films include Silence, The Clinic, Goldfish, The Actors and The Lucky Ones.