The Music Lesson

Director: Andrzej Mańkowski

written & directed by Andrzej Mańkowski director of photography Henryk Nagrodzki, Andrzej Mańkowski edited by Andrzej Mańkowski sound by Andrzej Żabicki production manager Anna Bławut-Mazurkiewicz produced by Telewizja Polska – II Program Redakcja Filmu Dokumentalnego i Reportażu co-financed by Agencja Scenariuszowa
colour, 26′
Poland 2006


The protagonist of this film – a piano player called Tomasz Stroynowski – decodes the world through music. While watching him teach and his personal problems one unconsciously starts to follow his unpretentious, amiable understanding of the human condition. At the same time one discovers that the music itself is first of all the universal languages of communication.


Andrzej Mańkowski
Born in 1973. Screenwriter, director, composer, and film producer. Graduated from the Music Academy in Gdansk (1998). Studied screenwriting at the Film School in Lodz (2000-2002). Currently head of Harpoon Films Studio and the owner of Bialy Smok Productions. Inventor and producer of Decalogue 89+ a short feature films cycle.