A Boat

Director: Michał Szcześniak

written & directed by Michał Szcześniak director of photography Marcin Koszałka music by Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz production design by Paweł Walicki sound by Michał Dominowski edited by Paweł Zawitkowski artistic supervisor Krzysztof Zanussi

cast Andrzej Deskur (Jacek), Marian Dziędziel (Jacek’s Uncle), Patrycja Soliman (Agata), Agnieszka Mandat (Jacek’s Mother), Marcin Sitek (Jacek’s Brother), Martyna Kliszewska (Reporter), Marcin Chochlew (Jacek’s Friend), Marcin Stec (Jacek’s Friend)

produced by Zespół Filmowy Jakub Kosma, +48 602 435 513, e-mail kuba@kosma.net producer Kuba Kosma co-producer Łukasz Szymański distributed by Zespół Filmowy Jakub Kosma
Betacam SP/DVD, colour, Dolby Stereo A-type, 16’30”
Poland 2007


A promising young man suddenly turns into a recluse and decides to live on the boat in the middle of the lake. His originality ceases to reside within the boundaries tolerated by his milieu. Reality, as seen by protagonist from the middle of lake, is surreal and behaviour of the people, who contact him by shouting from the shore, seems comic. But this would be if such a story really happened…



  • Best Screenplay Award at Nisi Masa European Script Contest 2004