People of the Marshes

Director: Piotr Sadziński

written & directed by Piotr Sadziński director of photography Anna Sadzińska music by Sebastian Stieler produced by Piotr Sadziński, Kołłątaja 15/8, 15-774 Białystok, co-produced by Telewizja Polska S.A. co-financed by Polish Film Institute
XDCAM HD, colour, 52′
Poland 2010


People of the Marshes is the story of a family boldly making their dreams come true. They left the noise of the big city to live in harmony with nature in the heart of the Biebrza Marshes. This is the story of a father who tries to nurture a love of nature in his daughter. This is also the story of people who decided to fight for what they love most – wildlife. A fight which apparently seems to be lost from the very beginning. For can anyone restrain the ‘growth’ of civilisation? Is there any chance for a little grey bird to tip the scales when its life clashes with human convenience?


Piotr Sadziński
Born in 1976. Finished Film Directing course in Film and Television Academy in Warsaw, Dragon Forum – Marcel Łoziński Masterclass and documentary course in Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. As a special legate of one of the commercial broadcasting stations he was a war correspondent in Afganistan and Irak. In 2006 he established an independent film production company
People of the Marshes
is his debut.