Little Jacob

Release date: 21-04-2017
Director: Mariusz Bieliński
written & directed by Mariusz Bieliński director of photography Arkadiusz Tomiak PSC production design by Andrzej Haliński costume design by Katarzyna Adamczyk make-up by Iwona Karpińska sound by Wojciech Ślusarz music by Tomasz Łuc edited by Milenia Fiedler PSM production manager Tadeusz Drewno producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus produced by WFDiF co-financed by The Polish Film Institute distributed by Kino Świat

cast Mirosław Baka (Jakob), Jan Sączek (little Jakob), Eryk Lubos (Jakob’s father), Dorota Kolak (Jakob’s grandmother), Henryk Talar (grandmother’s neighbour), Radosław Pazura (head of the orphanage)

colour, 92′

Poland 2016


A simple story about reconciliation. At the age of nine or ten, a young person crosses a certain threshold and starts seeing the world differently. There are new sensations, new emotions. How do we deal with them, how do we process them? Which life approach is the right one? Is it the one in which we lie to ourselves, immerse ourselves in our own imagined world? Or is it the realistic approach, which may be more brutal but also allows us to have a clearer picture? And is it worth it?