Release date: 09-05-2008
Director: Hubert Gotkowski

written & directed by Hubert Gotkowski director of photography Andrzej Wolf music by Filip Kuncewicz costume design by Magda Węglewska edited by Hubert Gotkowski requisites Marcin Śliwiński sound by Zofia Kucharska-Kowalik production manager Marta Kapczyńska

cast Marcin Kabaj (Marcin), Filip Rojek (Piotrek), Natalia Szyguła (Monika)

produced by Paisa Films, Bokserska 1, 02-682 Warsaw, phone +48 22 853 17 10, fax +48 22 853 17 14, e-mail executive producer Henryk Parnowski producers Maciej Ślesicki, Jolanta Rojek distributed by Paisa Films
HD / 35 mm, colour, 78′
Poland 2007

Marcin and Piotr wake up in a forest clearing inside a mysterious car. They do not know each other and are unaware of how they got here. Some bizarre things happen in the forest; strange red cards start falling down from the sky…
An ironic portrait of the young generation, the so-called Nothing Generation. A film directed in the convention of a surrealistic comedy.


Hubert Gotkowski
Born in 1981. IT engineer and independent filmmaker at the DNN Film Group. “Manna” is his professional debut, a remake of the “off film” made in 2006 which has become a hit of the independent film festivals.