Maria and Anna

Director: Jacek Knopp

written, shot & directed by Jacek Knopp edited by Zbigniew Osiński, Bogusław Saganowski sound by Tadeusz Łaszczewski production manager Zdzisław Sajuk produced by Wytwórnia Filmowa Czołówka, Telewizja Polska – II Program producer Janusz Chodnikiewicz co-financed by Polish Film Institute
colour, 27′
Poland 2008


Maria Dworzecka, who is now a professor of physics in the USA, during World War II was saved from the ghetto thanks to the assistance provided by several Polish families. She reciprocated after many years when, as an emigrant, in 1980s she adopted a girl named Ania from one of Warsaw’s children’s homes. In this document Maria talks about her life walking around the places she finds important.


Jacek Knopp
Born in 1964. Graduated from Cinematographic Faculty, Radio and Television Department at the University of Silesia. Cinematographer and director of documentary films.