The Sailor's Stories

Director: Marcin Latałło

written & directed by Marcin Latałło director of photography Andrzej Wojciechowski sound by Radosław Ochnio music by Krzysztof Wiracki edited by Svitlana Topor produced by Camera Obscura

cast Marcin Latałło (Sailor), Julia Pietrucha (Kasia), Ewa Szykulska (Mrs Renia), Zygmunt Malanowicz (Mr Wiesio), Monika Buchowiec (Stefcia), Justyna Wasilewska (Asia), Aleksandra Wiśniewska (Pati), Mateusz Młodzianowski (Przemo), Adam Fidusiewicz (Krzysiek)

colour, 90′
Poland 2015


A man arrives in the city of Łódź and, in this sad place, he tells a different story to each person he meets: before becoming a sailor, he used to climb the Himalayas, dance the tango in Argentina, study gastronomy in France and Kung Fu at the ShaoLin monastery, and now he is a private detective, tracking a serial killer. But the truth is that he is making up all these stories, as he can’t remember his true identity. When the police finds the body of a dead girl in a barrel, just like in one of the sailor’s stories, he too will need to find his way out of a tight spot.