Warsaw 44

Release date: 19-09-2014
Director: Jan Komasa

written & directed by Jan Komasa director of photography Marian Prokop production design by Grzegorz Piątkowski, Marek Warszewski interior design by Inga Palacz, Kinga Babczyńska costume design by Dorota Roqueplo military costume design by Magdalena Jadwiga Rutkiewicz-Luterek make-up by Dariusz Krysiak sound by Bartosz Putkiewicz music by Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz edited by Michał Czarnecki production manager Magdalena Badura producer Michał Kwieciński produced by Akson Studio co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distributed by Kino Świat
cast Zofia Wichłacz (“Biedronka”), Józef Pawłowski (Stefan), Anna Próchniak (Kama), Karolina Staniec (Beata), Filip Gurłacz (“Rogal”), Maurycy Popiel (“Góral”), Antoni Królikowski (“Beksa”), Michał Mikołajczak (Aleksander), Tomasz Schuchardt (“Kobra”), Jan Kowalewski (Adam), Michał Meyer (“Pająk”), Grzegorz Daukszewicz (“Miki”), Marianna Januszewicz (Lusia), Magdalena Koleśnik (Klara), Filip Gurłacz (“Rogal”), Michał Mikołajczak (Aleksander), Max Riemelt, Enno Kalisch, Michał Czernecki
colour, 130′
Poland 2014


A story of young Varsovians full of life and passion. They live their lives as if each day was to be their last. It’s not, however, due to their bravado or recklessness – this attitude is a natural thing considering the reality they face. We get to know the movie’s main characters shortly before the Uprising breaks out. They see their involvement in the underground movement not only as a patriotic duty, but also as an adventure, an opportunity to brag to their peers and impress girls. They flirt, show off and make plans during their underground training, not realising the approaching summer will prove to be the hardest test of their lives. What they don’t know is that History has something in store for them… Joined by friendship, the characters of “Warsaw44” form one of the most courageous detachments in the Uprising. They witness sacrifice and heroism, but also cruelty, betrayal and murder. They learn about love and discover what hate feels like. History teaches them a bloody and brutal lesson in growing up.