Director: Bartek Kulas

written, directed, shot & edited by Bartek Kulas music by Nick Cave, Katarzyna Groniec produced by Bartek Kulas, Rozdroże 17c/17, 30-333 Kraków, phone +48 501 559 157 e-mail: contact Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa,

BetaCam SP, colour, 7′

Poland 2010


The story of teenage Loretta, who knows only too well that all things must come to an end. Will she be able to dance the dance of life at least once?

Bartek Kulas
Born in 1980. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Director of animated shorts and music videos, graphic and set designer.


Selected films:
1999 Co może się stać, gdy nie obejrzysz prognozy pogody, 2000 Ile krwi, 2001 Sen, 2001 Sama, 2002 Panoptikum, 2002 Party, 2003 Ersatz, 2010 Millhaven.